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10 Tweets That Perfectly Predict What Meghan Markle Will Be Like As a Mom

10 Tweets That Perfectly Predict What Meghan Markle Will Be Like As a Mom Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement back in November, following a bewertung from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip who said they were delighted for the couple and wish them every happiness. Prince Harry proposed at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace in London, and the world watched as they tied the knot in May at St. Georges Chapel. Now, the royal couple is enjoying even more happiness The Kensington Palace has announced that theyre expecting.Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019, the Kensington Palace tweeted, announcing that Markle is about 12 weeks along.Of course, Twitter reacted with pure excitement. Here are 10 tweets that perfectly sum up how the world feels about the pregnancy.1. Fan Are Excited, to Say the LeastPhoto via Twitter2. Its Great News to Wake up to, A fter AllPhoto via Twitter3. Therbeies Really No One out There Not Thrilled Right NowPhoto via Twitter4. Fans Just Ask the Paparazzi to Take It EasyPhoto via Twitter5. Theyre Also Making Some Baby Name SuggestionsPhoto via Twitter6. And Welcoming the Soon-to-Be Parents to the ClubPhoto via Twitter7. Theyre Pretty Confident Prince Harry and Markle Will Make Phenomenal ParentsPhoto via Twitter8. Thats a Popular Opinion, AnywayPhoto via Twitter9. Theyre Excited for Another Good Heart in This WorldPhoto via Twitter10. And Calling the Little One Lucky to Have Such ParentsPhoto via TwitterMore on Meghan Markle--AnnaMarie Houlis is a feminist, a freelance journalist and an adventure aficionado with an affinity for impulsive solo travel. She spends her days writing about womens empowerment from around the world. You can follow her work on her blog,, and follow her journeys on Instagram Facebook.

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The Biggest Myth About Resume Format Exposed

The Biggest Myth About Resume Format Exposed Finding the Best Resume Format The total appearance of your resume depends upon the resume format, font and outline you select. One other important decision youve got to make about your resume format is the duration of your resume. If youre interested in an infographic format, below are some infographic samples to check out. In writing, it is necessary that youre using an expert format, ensuring that your resume is simple to read, clean, and simple. Consequently, it facilitates you to take care of wide selection of resumes. The peak of your resume should includecritical keyword phrases and a fast snapshot of your core strengths, Leavy-Detrick states. Graphical resumes are, specifically, terrible. Filtering out resumes for mechanical engineers is quite straightforward as soon as you start with those which look strange. The Downside Risk of Resume Format Resume writing isnt a monotonous and boring exercise. Deciding upon the p roper format for a job resume is among the most critical facets of building an effective resume. Resume length can fluctuate based on your circumstance. The duration of your resume will be dependent on how much space you want to compactly and precisely list your relevant abilities and accomplishments. The Key to Successful Resume Format Our resume builder is the quickest approach to create a resume that can help you get your fantasy job. While you wish to add as much info to your resume as possible, avoid sending a resume thats bulky and many pages long. The functional resume format is a powerful means to decrease the quantity of pages an employer will need to read and will present your application more impact. The goal of your resume is to promote your services to employers.

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Corporate Credit Card

Pros and Cons of Getting a Corporate Credit Card A corporate card sounds like a great perk, but dontforget the fine print.Most importantly, you need to clarify whether youre being offered a corporate card or a geschftsleben leistungspunkt card. They may sound like the same thing, but theyre actually a little different. One key distinction Where business credit cards are concerned, employees are personally responsible if the company fails to make good on the payments not so with corporate cards.Corporate credit cards are a breed all their own. They come with some pretty nice benefits, but also a few drawbacks that are worth your attention. Consider these pros and cons before going all in.Pros of a Corporate Card1. Your Personal Credit Is Out of the MixWhen you receive a corporate credit card, the monthly billgoes directly to your employer. Your corporate card activity isnt reflected on your personal credit report because your companytakes full responsi bility for any expenses you charge. Your only responsibility is to use your corporate card in accordance with your companys policies. (Put another way Keep all personal expenses off this card.)Keeping work-related expenses away from your personal credit history has some other benefits as well. If you were to use a personal card, work charges would increase your credit utilization ratio (a.k.a., the amount of available credit youre currently using). This ratio makes up 30 percent of your FICO Score. Translation Carrying work debt from month to month could bring down your credit score.2. You Dont Have to Wait for ReimbursementsTheres definitely a convenience factor to having a corporate credit card. Using a personal credit card to pay for business expenses means waiting for your employer to pay you back.If you are flush with cash and can just pay it off and afford to wait for your reimbursement to come in, thats not going to be too much of an issue, says Beverly Harzog,credit card exp ert and consumer finance analyst for US News World Report. If youre a person who lives paycheck to paycheck, waiting for that reimbursement can get a little dicey for you.3. The Card Isnt a Concern When You Exit the CompanyWhen the time comes for you to leave your company, your employer will cancel your corporate card. This wont affect your credit, since activity on the card doesnt show up on your credit report.However, if you were granted a business card which is connected to your personal credit history closing down that line of credit would reduce your available credit limit and increase your credit utilization ratio. As a result, your credit score could fall.Cons of a Corporate Card1. You Wont Reap Any Credit Card RewardsUnfortunately, you probably wont be able to cash in on any rewards you accumulate with your corporate credit card.Many people want to use their own cards because they can earn rewards, Harzog says. With a corporate card, those rewards points just get funneled back to your employer instead.Some companies might make some sort of arrangement or exception, she adds. But, in general, you should not expect to be getting those rewards if youre using a corporate card.In other words Dontplan to cover your next vacations airfare with miles accumulated from your businesspurchases.2. You May Feel Pressured to Use It Even When You ShouldntHaving a corporate credit card in your wallet does not give you license to whip it out whenever you want. Every company has its own set of guidelines around employee spending, and straying from them could put you in hot water.Youre held accountable for your expenses, even if youre not filling out an expense report, says Harzog. If you cant justify your expenses, its going to make you look bad and could put your job at risk, so practice setting boundaries.Corporate credit cards are nice in that they keep your work expenses separatefrom your personal spendingand leaveyour credit score intact. The major downside is y oull miss out on earning rewards. At the end of the day, only you can decide whether thats a worthwhile trade.Marianne Hayes is a longtime freelance writer and content marketing specialist.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Assess Job Fit When You Select Employees

Assess Job Fit When You Select EmployeesAssess Job Fit When You Select EmployeesLooking for information about job fit? Its a significant factor in whether employees thrive in their jobs. Without the right job fit, an employee will never experience as much happiness and success as he deserves at work. Hell never achieve his true potential. Employers need to be as concerned about job fit as cultural fit. Otherwise, you will never utilize the potential contributions of your current and future employees. Heres more about why. Job fit is a concept that explains whether the intersection between an employees strengths, needs and experience, and the requirements of a particular job and work environment- match- or not. When the two interests match, an employee and your organization experience a good job fit. Employers pay attention to the skills and experience that a potential employee brings to the bewerbungsgesprch table. Fewer employers actively assess whether the candidate will fit well i nto the culture of the organization. Even fewer look at the total picture and assess the candidates job fit. How to Think about Job Fit These are some of the factors that need consideration when an employer assess a candidates potential job fit. Cultural fit Will the applicant work well in the organizations culture. Does the organizations culture match what the individual needs to be successful in a particular work environment?Experience Does the candidate have the work and life experience necessary to excel in the job?Values, beliefs, outlook To succeed in a job, an individual must share the prevailing values, of his colleagues and customers. Employees who fail to fit within the environment generally leave to find a work environment or culture which is more congruent with their own values and beliefs. Needs the employee fulfills by working Every person has reasons for working that include the desire for a paycheck, but each individual has other needs that work satisfies- or sho uld. These include such factors as notoriety, recognition, leadership, collegiality, and challenge. For significant job fit, the job must fulfill a significant number of the employees needs.Job content The work that the employee does every day is also a significant factor in job fit. Does the employee get to do the things that she loves to do? Does the job utilize her strengths? Does the work fulfill her needs and allow her to live a job that is congruent with her values? Job content is important in identifying job fit. Education and Training Does your candidate have the right education and training for the job? Or, can you provide it? or can she obtain it in a timely manner? Dedicating a full-time resource to training a new employee is rarely a practical alternative if you can locate a qualified employee with the appropriate training. There are other components that indicate job fit, but these cover most bases. Job Fit in Employee Selection In a masterful work, First, Break All The Rules What the Worlds Greatest Managers Do Differently,authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman recommend that in hiring, employers should hire the best talent that they can find. In an analogy used throughout the book, they recommend that, when you have the right people on the bus, you can then begin to worry about what seat to put them in (job fit). You can also use job fit assessments and testing, behavioral interviews, and significant, thorough background checking to determine beforehand if the applicant you like will fit the current job you have available. This should not deter you from hiring the best talent that you can find because you have additional options for potential star employees you can create a different job, for example. These interview questions and this advice about how to snger interview question answersshould assist you to identify people who fit the job. Employees who experience job fit are productive, happy, contributing employees. If you have an empl oyee who is job searching or expressing unhappiness in his current role, starts by examining job fit. You may find you have a potential A-player assigned to the wrong seat on the bus. Replacing that potential A-player takes a whole lot of time and money versus changing his seat on the bus- which you can readily do.

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Protecting a New World of 3D-Printed Products

Protecting a New World of 3D-Printed Products Protecting a New World of 3D-Printed Products Protecting a New World of 3D-Printed ProductsThe number of 3D-printed, critical components grows each day. They make their way into vehicles, aircraft, medical devices, prostheses, human bodies, and military applications. With that increase comes more opportunities for bad actors to hack the additive manufacturing industry, potentially jeopardizing the products meant to improve our health and safety.So far, no major hacks have been reported in the emerging industry, says Raheem Beyah, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technologys School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He wants to keep it that way.Anyone that will rely on additive manufacturing for mission-critical projects should be concerned, Beyah says. Corporate saboteurs, nation states, and disgruntled employees are just a few of the groups he says will target AM and the products it generates.Georgia Tech researchers Raheem Beyah (left) and David Formby (right) are developing methods to secure data in the control ordnungsprinzips used to operate industrial facilities. Image Christopher Moore / Georgia TechTo ease those concerns, Beyah and a team of researchers from Georgia Tech and Rutgers University have developed a three-layer system designed to verify that 3D printed objects have not been compromised. It uses acoustic measurements, printer component tracking, and detectable nanorods to protect the integrity of printed products. The system works independently of corporate computer networks, removing one of the major gateways to cybercrime.We have plenty of cyber protections, but it will take a new kind of security to protect the physical side. Its a new day.Prof. Raheem Beyah, Georgia TechWe have plenty of cyber protections, but it will take a new kind of security to protect the physical side, says Beyah, who has a deep background in cybersecurity. Its a new day. Its going to be critical to make sure ever ything is secure.Hes not the only one who thinks so. Last summer, the National Science Foundation awarded the team a three-year, $250,000 grant to continue to improve and strengthen the system.All of the metrics captured through each segment of the security system are compared to what Beyah calls the golden copy, which includes a properly printed finished product and the documentation of the printers key performance metrics during the production process. The researchers tested their security system using different types of 3D printers and a computer numerical control machine while manufacturing a polyethylene tibial knee prosthesis. They then compared different stages of the printing processes to the golden copy. We got close to one hudred percent accuracy on the tests, Beyah says.The systems three components include an acoustic monitor made up of inexpensive microphones located above and/or around the printer and filtering software that detect changes in the usual sound a printer m akes. The software, he says, works in much the saatkorn way as the Shazam and SoundHound apps that can accurately identify millions of different songs through the microphone of a smartphone.The basic thesis is that you have mechanical components that have to make some noise, he says. When Im printing the same exact thing, the printer should sound the exact same way when I make the next copy.The systems physical tracking piece uses linear potentiometers and gyroscopic sensors placed on the extruders to make sure they follow the same path when printing the same objects.To detect variations or flaws in the final product, the researchers placed gold nanorods into the filament material used in the printer. They used Raman spectroscopy and computed tomography to detect the location of the nanorods in the final product. I know beforehand where Im going to place them, Beyah says, adding that the nanorods dont affect the integrity of the material. Think of it as a 3D watermark.Beyah is using the grant, in part, to improve the accuracy of the systems sensors and the microphones, especially when it comes to isolating and focusing on the noise one printer makes from the others around it. The researchers are experimenting with different camera arrays that can be used to monitor stages of the printing process in real time.Beyah says the system is proof-of-concept but feels it could be ready for market in about a year. A major selling point, he says, is that it doesnt have to operate on a connected network.Considering the possible vulnerabilities that exist in each stage of the 3D printing process creating the product design on a computer, pushing the design package over the network to the printer, downloading printer firmware Beyah believes extra layers of protection cant come fast enough to the AM industry.Think about the entire 3D-printing ecosystem and all of its different stages the software, the STL file, the OS, the firmware can be compromised. The networks intrusio n detection system can be bypassed, he says. We need something in addition to protect the system. For Further Discussion

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Sample Music Business Internship Resume

Sample Music geschftlicher umgang Internship ResumeSample Music Business Internship ResumeMost employers of college graduates in the music business look for hires who have some experience in the field, so it makes sense to secure an internship while in school or right after graduation. Creating aneffective resume that showcases relevant skills and knowledgewill be a critical step in landing a solid internship. Before starting to compose your resume, take an inventory of your skills and experiencesfromall aspects of your background,including academic projects, campus and community activities, jobs, internships, and independent pursuits. If you havent been active in the field, volunteer to help on campus with organizations like the radio station, campus concert and entertainment committees,orthemusic department. Considermanaging student bands, assisting in the campus recording studio, or covering the music scene for the campus newspaper. Emphasize social media marketing functionsinthes eroleswhenever possible, given how highly these skills are valued in the music industry. Consider creating a music-related blog and marketing it to all your friends. For each description on your resume,start your phrase witha skill or action term.Inthe music industry,thefollowingarecommon skill termspromoted, organized, created, marketed, publicized, composed, orchestrated, managed, devised, pitched, negotiated, presented, planned, fund-raised, arranged, facilitated, and conducted. Be sure to reference any situations where you were able to influence others to action,such as attracting an audience for an event, generating donations for a cause, recruiting volunteers to help with a project ortojoin a fraternity or sorority, selling a product or tickets, or attracting a following for an online media site. Whenever possible,show your achievements with numbers. For example Sold 200 tickets foracoffee house concert.Recruited 15 new members forafraternity.Increased advertising sales by 15% . Include askills section on your resumeto highlight your technical skills in musical recording or performance, social media, marketing, and computers. Carefullyproofread your documentand consider having it reviewed by an adviser or someone with an eye for detail. If you need assistance, take advantage of your campus career office for help in creating your resume and cover letter. Sample Music Business Internship Resume (Text Only) John Horowitz815 North BroadwayNew York, NY 12001222-345-1234jhoroxml.eduEducationColumbia University, New York, NY, May 20XXBachelor of Arts, Management and BusinessDavis United World College ScholarMajor GPA 3.45, Cumulative GPA 3.27United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), November 20XXInternational BaccalaureateRelevant CourseworkStatistics for Business, Management Information Systems and E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Business Strategy, Skidmore Saratoga Entrepreneurship Partnership, Business Law 1 2, Taxation of Corporatio ns and Partnerships, Business Ethic and Society, Foundations of Business in the International Environment, Coaching and Teamwork Service Learning ExperienceRelevant ExperienceIntern / Trainee Producer, LaLa Productions, New York, NY, Summer 20XXEngineered sessions transcribed music programmed drums tracked and comped vocals mixed sessions in Protools HD for Grammy Award-winning song writer and producer.Developer, Virtual R B, New York, NY, Summer 20XXCreated Do-It-Yourself version of The Virtual CD, drastically lowering administrative costs of serving new clients.Upgraded Flash Application in ActionScript and developed application back-end in Jamroom Content Management System (PHP / MySQL).Consultant, Developer, Sweet Inspirations, New York, NY, January 20XXDevised and implemented social media marketing strategy for a local contemporary clothing boutique.Developed platform-independent E-Commerce website on Drupal Content Management System.Developer / Owner, WJBN, New York, NY, May 20XXCreated Joomla-based Social Network with features including micro-blogging, messaging, news, events, and viral invites. Grew membership to over 600 users.Web / Graphics Designer, Methodist University Relations, Fayetteville, SC, February 20XX-August 20XXDeveloped and designed all-college communications material such as billboards, brochures, and websites.Founder / Producer, John J Productions, New York, NY, January 20XX-August 20XXGrew music production company into successful profit-generating enterprise - overseeing overall management functions including budgeting, operations, and promotions.Technical hilfe Specialist, Horizon Computers, New York, NY, November 20XX-June 20XXAdministered budget and inventory explored new markets repaired computers and liaised with suppliers.Increased business significantly within first 3 months.Activities, Achievements Student LeadershipStudent Representative, SGA, Columbia University, New York, NY, September 20XX-May 20XXStudent-Affairs-Instit utional Policy and Planning Committee, Columbia UniversityThe Case-Ladd Task ForceFormulated all-college policiesDeveloped and designed SGA website, implemented Joomla CMSComputer / Language SkillsMySQL, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Jamroom, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, In-Design, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic. Languages English and siSwati Expand

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Key salary negotiation tips you need to know

Key salary negotiation tips you need to knowKey salary negotiation tips you need to knowWhen I interviewed at Google several years ago, they told me up front that the salary welches non-negotiable. It was very much a take-it-or-leave-it offer.You may run into situations like this once or twice over the course of your career, but in most cases, theresroom for negotiation.In fact, I get worried when one of our senior hires doesnt attempt to negotiate their offer. Thats actually a bad sign, and I start wondering how theyre going to react when a vendor makes an offer. Will they just accept it without negotiating in that situation, too?I know these negotiations can be anxiety-inducing, but there are things you can do to ease any nerves and put yourself in the best position to come away with a better offer.Negotiate based on whats important to you.Your salary can certainly be important to your quality of life, but it isnt the only part of the contract you can negotiate.In fact, most people I talk to dont name salary as the most important factor in their decision to take a job. There are so many other aspects of compensation and responsibilities that can have a much bigger effect on overall happiness.For some, a title is important. For others, its the amount of ownership they have over their work. At a startup, many people value equity and upside potential the most.Figure out what matters to you and focus your negotiations around that. If it happens to be a salary, thats perfectly fine. Just realize its bedrngnis the only compensation you can consider.Know the market ahead of time.Depending on your career and industry, youll want to be aware of the market dynamics at play when youre interviewing.I worked in investment banking for two years out of college and then took some time off to travel. This was 2002, so when I began looking for work again, we were still in the midst of a recession. In that type of market, the labor pool for companies that are hiring is huge- an d it can work against you.I ended up getting a job offer to be a financial analyst at a well-known magazine. It seemed like a natural fit for me, and they gave me a week to make my decision.Unfortunately, I waited until the day before the deadline to tell them I would accept. And when I got in touch, I found out theyd given the job to someone else.By dragging out my decision, I made it look like I was balancing different offers. I didnt factor in the poor job market, and there was obviously someone who seemed more eager to take the position.Remember, nothing is official until the paper is signed. If youre going to take a role, let the company know youre really excited about it- and understand the market dynamics that may influence your negotiations.Dont get too ahead of yourself with career planning and optimizations.Over the course of a long career, a difference of a few thousand dollars wont matter as much as the more intangible aspects of the job.What really matters is whether yo u like your manager, whether you like the company, and what youll learn in this position. How is this going to help you get to your next role?It may not feel great to take a lower salaried position, but if it puts you on the trajectory you want, then it probably wont matter in the long run.Personally, there were times in my career when I took pay cuts because I wanted to pursue a more interesting opportunity, or I wanted to take a role where I had no experience.When I started working at Aeropostale after business school, I had no tangible experience in retail, but it was a way for me to shift industries. So even though my salary was lower than a lot of my fellow graduates, I took the job.In my experience, the people who tend to make the most money are those who are really good at what they do. That comes from doing something you love, something that plays to your strengths.You should always negotiate your offers- just remember there are other forms of compensation than numbers on yo ur paycheck.This article originally appeared on Inc.